Website Designer

April 11, 2013 in Jobs

WPS Interactive are looking for people with knowledge and an interest in designing and coding websites, to design new themes and layouts for some of our websites and content held within. Requirements for this role include a competent knowledge of web design and experience with PHP and/or HTML5; as well as experience coding with one or more of the following web plugins or a desire to learn: Flash, Java or JQuery.


The successful applicants will be tasked with designing and coding new themes for our core websites, to be more attractive to visitors and have clearer navigation – and to better integrate the technologies used within; as well as new layouts for existing planned new pages and content to better organise the information for maximum understanding and ease of use.


Additionally, you will be asked to engage in regular discussions with Lonesamurai, owner of Sanitarium.FM; Crimsonshade, Chief Tech Officer; and other technical stuff regarding plans to improve the design of our website or layouts for planned new pages and content. The successful applicants will be expected to not only discuss their visions for design, but also be able to produce visual examples of their plans either through labelled diagrams or actual HTML-rendered mock-ups.


You will be asked to work on multiple websites all under the banner of WPS Interactive, although certain ones may take priority over others. This will be a constantly evolving and changing role, with new priorities likely to occur on a regular basis; so we are looking to recruit multiple people; particularly those looking for experience who can provide a solid amount of time to the role. Interns and apprentices will be a regular part of this team; with the intention to create a full-time design team at a later date. This role would perfectly suit those wishing to gain experience or add to their CVs; but with the prospects of future full-time employment for active, competent workers.

Note: This role may also be posted on the individual WPS websites under a slightly altered name or description. Applying for this role through this website’s online application form will automatically submit the application to these as well; you do not need to repeatedly apply.

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