Mobile Technology Journalist

April 13, 2013 in Jobs

Technically Motivated is seeking a Mobile Technology Journalist to help write new articles covering the latest news, apps and useful tips and tricks about Smartphones, tablets and other mobile computing.

With the rapid growth of mobile and tablet computing, Technically Motivated aims to expand its coverage of technology to cover all the latest happenings and provide useful reviews and tips in the world of mobile, to keep readers on the pulse and help them make informed choices as to how to make their mobile lives work best for them. As the Technology Blog “for those who don’t understand technology; and those who do”, we aim to communicate these articles in a manner that those with less experience of smartphones, tablets or other technology can understand just as well as long-term users.

While we have a small staff writing articles on different subjects on a regular basis, mobile technology is one area we are surprisingly lacking coverage in; and the sheer number of mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and Blackberry; as well as more recent entrants from Ubuntu, Mozilla and so on leave a huge amount of different platforms to cover – especially when you consider many of these platforms can be found on a wide range of devices that can often be vastly different to each other.

We are looking to take on passionate volunteers who can supply helpful articles – and keep abreast of latest news about any Mobile platform – to help contribute regular articles on communicating these in easily-understood language. Ideally, we would like to take on several people who can each cover different systems or devices so that articles are varied and cover a wide range of mobile devices; so that all readers can find something interesting or useful to them on a regular basis; as well as to increase the frequency of articles being published. Good written English skills, the ability to fact-check and source information, and a way with words are essential talents for any applicant.

Applying for this volunteer role is a two-step process:

  1. Fill in the Online Application form hosted here on WPS Interactive;
  2. Then, submit an example article demonstrating your writing ability and the mobile platforms you have experience with, using the “Write for TM” link on the Technically Motivated website.

Please use the same name and email address on both parts of your application, for easy reference.

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